Motivating, educating and nurturing young parents and their children

helping families in ottawa, ontario, canada become self-sufficient contributing members of society

The Youville Centre has served the Ottawa Community for over twenty years. We're very proud of our name and our many accomplishments.

The Youville Centre is a charitable organization that receives wide-spread community support.

The Youville Centre is a charitable organization that receives wide-spread community support.

We are very grateful for the generous support and assistance of all our supporters.

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It's very important to finish high school:

At Youville Centre, The M.F. McHugh Education Centre provides English-language educational programming for students in the Ottawa-Carleton region who are in government-approved care and treatment programs.

Jointly staffed and administered by teachers from the two local school boards, the high school program at Youville works from a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach to craft a caring and supportive environment for young mothers and their children. MORE...



Have you earned 18 compulsory credits?
Have you earned 12 optional credits?
Have you completed your 40 hours of community involvement?
Have you successfully completed the Literacy test or the Literacy course?

If you're short of the credits needed to earn your Ontario Secondary School Diploma, we can help. MORE...


The Child Development Program provides an early childhood learning environment that addresses the social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical needs of each child. The Youville Early Childhood Education Program provides the best possible start in the lives of our infants and toddlers. Early intervention and prevention are program goals that can decrease the demand for treatment and child protection at a later age. MORE...


Through experiential learning opportunities, students are able to gain employability skills, learn about post secondary options, and expand their resumes by attending workshops and earning a variety of certifications including WHMIS, Passport to Safety, Service Excellence, Smart Serve, First Aid/CPR. Students are also able to give back to the community through their volunteer efforts at the Ottawa Food Bank, United Way and Clean Up the Capital. MORE...


We're only a telephone call away:


Or come and visit us here at 150 Mann Ave., Ottawa, ON K1N 8P4. Check with OCTranspo for the best bus to take from your place to our place. Their web site travel planner is the fast and easy way to choose the most direct bus route. Click this link if you'd like to consult a map that shows our location.

Donations Make our Programs and Services Possible

As with most charitable organizations in Canada, it's an ongoing struggle for us to come up with the resources needed each year to pay for our many programs and services. We depend completely on both public and private funds for our existence. For that reason, if you'd like to help us we'd be very, very pleased to hear from you.

Our Charitable Registration Number is: 11884 8456 RR0001


Over the years, many of our donors have used their contributions to mark a special event: to honour someone's birthday or anniversary, as a graduation or memorial gift or just to say thank you to someone special in their lives.

Whatever your reason for giving, we can assure you that any donation you make to the Youville Centre will be put to very good use.


From volunteering to giving gifts in kind to making a financial donation, these are a few of the ways you can help us.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Youville Centre. They can be found working up front or behind the scenes. Our volunteers are all ages, energetic and enthusiastic. Youville volunteers bring their expertise from all walks of life and offer their talents to help our young mothers. Without them, Youville could not meet the daily needs of our mothers and their children. MORE...

Donations of gifts in kind such as infant and toddler clothing, clothing suitable for teenage students, toys and various household items such as linens, dishes are always welcome as well. MORE...

And, of course, financial donations of any size are always very much appreciated. MORE...

As a federally registered charity, we issue tax receipts for all donations. (Our charitable registration number is: 11884 8456 RR0001)

Donate Now Through!\We do our best to make giving as easy as possible. If you click on the "Donate Now" button to the right, you'll be connected to a secure web server where you can make your donation with just a few clicks of your mouse. In a world where you can buy your books online, make travel arrangements online, and even buy your groceries online, making your charitable donation this way as well seems like a natural thing to do.

However, if you'd prefer to deal with a real person instead of a computer when making your donation, please call (613) 231-5150 ext.112. When calling us by telephone, you may use your VISA, Mastercard or AmEx card to make your payment. You may also write us a cheque. Just make it out to "Youville Centre" and mail it to Youville Centre, 150 Mann Avenue, Ottawa ON K1N 8P4. (Don't forget to include your return address.)

We want to keep in touch with our Alumnae:

We're very interested in maintaining contact with our students after they have left the Youville Centre. We want to do all we can to help young mothers and their families get firmly established in the community. Finishing high school is just one step in the process, although for sure a very important one, in qualifying for a satisfying job. In addition to completing their education and training, mothers also have to face many other challenges as well. To help with a range of matters, we've collected together here a number of very useful services. Please take a look at them.

There are many services available in our community to help young families cope with everyday problems. We've divided these services into three broad categories:

  • Your Physical and Emotional Health
  • Caring for Your Child
  • Your Financial, Accommodation, Food and Legal Needs



We have a number of pages on our web site that provide information on the various forms of additional training and education that are available. Select from the list below to connect to the pages on our site that deal with the type of education or training that interests you:

  • Completing High School - MORE...
  • Attending College - MORE...
  • Attending University - MORE...
  • Receiving Apprenticeship Training - MORE...
  • Youville's Young Parent Employment Program - MORE...


Finding a job is always a challenge, no matter what a person's age or experience may be. To try and assist you with your search, we've gathered together a number of web sources for you that you are welcome to consult.

We've organized these sources into four broad categories:


Each month we send out to our alumnae an email newsletter. This newsletter contains information about news here at Youville as well as lots of hints and suggestions for young families on a wide variety of topics. Subjects as diverse as taxes, budgeting, finding an inexpensive dentist, and coping with legal and landlord problems are among the items covered in our newsletter.

If you are not already receiving a copy of this newsletter and would like to be included in our mailing, please send us an email along with your name and the year(s) you were a student here at Youville. As soon as we hear from you, we'll add your name to our mailing list and then send you the latest edition of our newsletter at the beginning of each month. Please don't forget to include your name in the body of your email message to us because very often personal email addresses give no hint as to who the writers really are.

At Youville Centre we're very grateful for the financial support received from:

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