A Leader in My Own Life

February 14th, 2013

This month marks the beginning of a new academic block here at Youville Centre, and with that comes a new Lifestyle Course: A Leader in My Own Life. This accredited leadership course will build skills in self-advocacy, communication, professional online presence, financial literacy, cooking, team skills and conflict resolution, among other important skills essential to be a leader.

We were fortunate enough to be able to kick off A Leader in My Own Life with an inspiring, motivational speech from Dress for Success Ottawa‘s Chair (and new mom) Marlene Floyd.

Marlene focused on dreaming big and the understanding the value of networking and treating others with respect as you move through your career and your life. She shared her own personal story with our young moms and inspired them to keep reaching for their dreams regardless of any life circumstance. Our students enjoyed meeting Marlene and her precious daughter who came along for the talk.

Thank you, Marlene! You truly inspired our young moms!

We look forward to continuing this course as we have many other wonderful women as guest speakers and facilitators lined up to add value to the course content.