Graduation: A Dream Come True for Young Moms

July 3rd, 2013

On Friday, June 21st, 23 Youville Centre moms walked across the graduation stage to accept their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas. Since these young moms first walked through our doors, we have journeyed with them through their successes and learning experiences in parenting, academics and life skills, and we can now proudly wish them well as they enter the next phase of their lives. Youville Centre graduates are never truly gone from our Youville “family”, however, and we look forward to staying in touch with them over the years to follow them and their children as they grow and prosper.

Graduation day is always extra special at Youville Centre, as this important step directly affects the future of two generations. Impact is also felt with family members, Youville Centre bursary donors, community partners, Youville Centre Board Members and other caring individuals in our young moms’ lives, all of whom were in attendance to witness this important event.

We are so grateful to everyone involved who helped to make this day a success, and to allow our graduates to get to this important place in their lives. Our Valedictorian, Taylor, expressed how special this day truly is to each of our graduates, and how Youville Centre has played a part in their success:

We have all faced and overcome obstacles to get where we are today; we persevered through pain, hurt and have conquered fears as we all grew together, learned from each other and when times got tough we had each other to lean on. We are not here because we have to be we are here because we want to be. In the three years that I have been at Youville I have grown as a person and a mother. All of us are moving forward. We all have learned so much from being here. We are and will continue to be successful young women. Thank you Youville for giving us the tools we needed to make our futures bright for not only ourselves but our children as well.  Because of Youville I know what I want to do with my life, I got accepted into the college program I wanted. I look forward to helping others improve their lives too. I always believed in dreams but never thought that they would be in my reach. Not only did Youville help me set some dreams and goals they helped me make them come true.

Taylor and her daughter Skyler

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