Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign: Watch our Sunflowers Bloom!

May 9th, 2015

Each week in May, as part of our Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign, we will be featuring all five of our rooms in the Child Development Program.

In these blog posts you will meet the “Room Ambassadors”, learn what the infants or toddlers in that room do each day, and learn about some of the developmental skills they are working on.

At the bottom of each post we will be reminding you about the featured ways to give that are coming up in the Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaigntake a look and see which events and in-store initiatives you can attend!

Please read and enjoy, share with friends and on social media with the hashtag #HelpYouvilleGrow

Watch our Sunflowers Bloom!

The Sunflowers are between the ages of 7 and 12 months old. They decided to tell you themselves about what they do each day:

In the Sunflower room we start the day with a bit of free play before we start our busy morning! Some of our mornings are spent on walks through the park, playing in the gym, or exploring outside in the play yard. Other mornings we spend our time making beautiful art or taking restful naps. We’re all individuals so we follow each of our schedules and sleep or eat when needed. After a fun morning of play and learning we enjoy a yummy lunch! Some of the Sunflowers are new to solid food so our lunch time is always exciting and a great time to learn. After lunch we have some quiet time and some of us go for a little snooze. When we wake up we have calm free play until snack and mommy pick up time. It’s a busy but always fun and exciting day!

Meet the “Room Ambassadors”!



Shakur is a funny and gentle little guy! His smile and big happy wave is how he says hello! He is a talented artist who loves to paint and make music with the shake toys and tambourines! He loves to cuddle and play with his friends and teachers.



(seen here with Early Childhood Educator Sarah)

Cloe is a tiny friend with a huge personality! She always has a smile ready and loves going for walks, rooting for the Sens, and eating peas! Cloe is working on crawling and she gets faster everyday.

Our Sunflowers are all working on strengthening their bodies and increasing their movement skills whether it’s to sit without support, crawl, cruise, stand independently, or walk. They are able to develop these skills by using pillows for support, spending time on their bellies, cruising on furniture, jumping around in the jumperoo, playing with toys on the mats, wearing shoes, or using walking toys.

As our Sunflowers get older they begin to understand who they are as individuals and gain a greater understanding of the world around them. They are working on developing this understanding by using their names, explaining and labeling what they see around them in their environment, looking at themselves and others in the mirror, displaying their amazing artwork, looking at pictures of themselves, and playing with their friends and teachers!

Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign:


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This week we are featuring an upcoming workshop that you can attend as another way to give in the Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign:


Tuesday, June 2nd, 6:30 pm ~ The Art of Floral Arranging Workshop at Flowers Talk Tivoli in Westboro!

This workshop is available to anyone who would like to attend, or to make it part of our Mother’s Day extended celebration, you can sign up with your mom!

The entire $25 workshop cost per person will be donated directly to Youville Centre.


Thank you to our generous partners in this campaign!

Stay tuned to our blog as we’re not finished yet! We still have one more wonderful way to give that you can take advantage of, and your contribution will help our young mothers and babies grow! Also we have more infants and toddlers for you to meet!

You can also donate directly to Youville Centre by clicking here.

Thank you!

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