Mother’s Day at Youville Centre ~ Thank you to our Generous Donor Community!

June 12th, 2012

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our First Annual Mother’s Day Campaign this May!

The concept of the campaign was to provide an opportunity for you to honour your own mother and all that she gave to you, by giving to our young mothers and their children at Youville Centre. We were so delighted when we started seeing the response from our generous donor community, and we displayed their generosity on the wall of our entrance with the name of each honoured mother written on a paper tulip for all to see.

As the tulips went up on the walls, our students became curious, “What are those flowers for?”, they would ask. We explained to them that the flowers represented moms in our Ottawa and area community who care about them, our students and young mothers. In the end we had a wall full of tulips, reminding our young mothers each day, as they walked up the stairs to class, that there was a garden of moms behind them, providing a chance for them to grow and to provide a brighter future for their children.

Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to raise $3,000 in this inaugural campaign, of which all proceeds will go towards supporting our daily programs and operations at Youville Centre. It was so encouraging to see this “Mom to Mom” support, and we plan to continue this campaign each year.

To celebrate Mother’s Day even further, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa-Vanier offered each Mom a rose as a special Mother’s Day treat (pictured above), and we provided a special lunch for our students to enjoy. Mother’s Day is a pretty big deal here at Youville Centre, as we all take this time to celebrate the love and devotion our students have for their children, and now it is also a time to honour our donors’ mothers, who surely instilled the gifts of empathy, generosity and a charitable spirit in their children.