Our Little Artists

November 25th, 2013

Baby Art 3

At Youville Centre, we have 55 little artists from the ages of 2 months to 2.5 years. Yes, even the 2 month old babies can experience art!

Baby Art 2

Within our Child Development Program and our ELECT Framework (Early Learning for Every Child Today), our infants and toddlers participate in a wide range of art activities using many different mediums. Please note that we use only non-toxic paint.

Baby Art 4

Our youngest babies love to fingerpaint and squish the paint around in their toes, sometimes on top of bubble wrap for an added sensory experience.

Baby Foot Art 2

Our toddlers love to make crafts for their moms, and they enjoy working on their fine motor skills by using glue, paintbrushes and crayons.

Toddler Art 1

I think our favourite art activity might be our “baby painting” game where we place paper on the floor, add globs of colourful paint, and allow our toddlers to play, creating beautiful swirls of colour — although most of the paint ends up on our toddlers rather than on the paper!

They love this activity!

Full Body Painting

At Youville Centre, art is a sensory experience where our infants and toddlers can utilize all of their senses to create something. We allow the children to explore different mediums, and our activities are always open-ended to promote creativity. During art activities, a greater understanding of spatial and colour concepts is gained by the children, and the beautiful finished products are hung around the centre and given to mom to take home.

We are so very proud of our little artists!