Our Little Bakers

April 16th, 2014

Stirring together

Recently our toddlers learned a special skill — how to bake cookies! Of course we kept little hands away from the oven, but children from our toddler programs had a chance to help make the batter and enjoy this sensory experience!

Stirring together part 2

A fun activity for mom and child, baking also helps a child’s development. By participating in this activity, our toddlers learned the concept of cause and effect, how to follow directions and take turns, and how to develop a sense of mastery. They also had a chance to develop their fine motor skills, practice their language skills with each other, and exercise their senses through tasting, smelling and touching.


Learning Together

Our little bakers mixed and stirred, measured and poured, made a mess…and cleaned it up! With the help of our Early Childhood Educators and our Head Cook, Youville’s toddlers had fun baking cookies, and even more fun enjoying the fruits of their labour!

Watching and Learning