Our Little Yogis

July 4th, 2014

At Youville Centre, we provide yoga classes twice per week throughout the academic year for our young moms, and the benefits of this weekly practice are many, including decreased stress, mood regulation and improved physical health. Yoga is also beneficial for children when taught safely and appropriately. Last month, our Early Childhood Educators decided to hold a little yoga class for our toddlers, focusing on basic poses and stretches.




Yoga practice benefits children in many ways, including:

  • increased motor coordination
  • reduced obesity
  • improved listening skills
  • improved ability to follow directions
  • better and longer sleep
  • easier relaxation
  • increased self-expression
  • enhanced body awareness, flexibility and strength

Yoga also fosters a sense of cooperation and compassion, even among the littlest yogis. The experience of practicing yoga fosters emotional growth and creativity, and builds social skills.