Sparkle Dental Charity Ball to Support Charities Including Youville Centre ~ April 11, 2015

March 4th, 2015

At Youville Centre, we are always so grateful when a community member or group decides to host a third party event so that our young moms and children can benefit.

One such event is happening soon, on Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at The Museum of History. The Sparkle Dental Charity Ball will support Youville Centre as well as some other notable local and national charities. The beneficiaries of the event include:

  • Youville Centre
  • The Ottawa Food Bank
  • The Pro Bono Dental Program
  • The Canadian Cancer Society (Oral Cancer)
  • The Canadian Foundation for Dental Hygiene Research and Education

A driving force in the event creation and planning has been loyal Youville Centre donor and volunteer, Karen Ergus. Karen has visited Youville Centre many times and has been a guest speaker in our programs, she has volunteered her time as a dental hygienist in our weekly dental clinic, and she is currently a one-to-one mentor for one of our students in our pilot mentorship program.

The idea for the Sparkle Dental Charity Ball was created out of a desire to help more people in need so that they can receive essential oral health services. Youville Centre is grateful to have been chosen as a beneficiary of this event, and our share of the proceeds will go directly to supporting our weekly, on-site dental clinic.

Please consider attending this lovely event!

You can purchase tickets here:

Dental Charity Ball Flyer

If you are interested in hosting a third party fundraising event in support of Youville Centre, we would love to speak to you. Please call (613) 231- 5150 Ext. 128 to discuss your idea.