Summer School: Hairstyling & Esthetics Course

July 21st, 2014

Summer school at Youville Centre is a wonderful chance for young moms to continue learning and to earn one credit during the month of July. This year students could take one of two courses offered: Hairstyling & Esthetics or Dramatic Arts. Both classes not only offer the opportunity to earn a credit, but also the chance for students to express themselves and gain empowerment through skill building and creative expression.


The Hairstyling & Esthetics Course is taught by teacher Fay Campbell on-site at St. Nick’s Adult High School, thanks to our partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  Students learn hairstyling, makeup application, spa services, client service and time management, among other life skills.


Hairstyling-2We were very fortunate this year to receive a donation to assist us with the costs of the makeup for this course. Our valued friends at Bayshore Shopping Centre (Ivanhoe Cambridge) very generously offered us a gift card so that we could purchase cosmetics at the Hudson’s Bay MAC counter. We were delighted to receive this gift towards purchasing such high-quality product, particularly because MAC carries makeup for all ethnicities. Not only do we have a culturally diverse student body, but this will also help students learn to apply makeup for all cultures and skin tones.

Makeup-1In addition, we were visited by two freelance makeup artists, Emily Wood and Lauren McCarter, who expertly instructed our students in makeup artistry. Fay, the teacher of the course, and one of our Student Support Workers, Christine, were the models for this lesson who received “makeovers”, which was fun for our students to watch and enjoy.

We would like to thank Bayshore Shopping Centre (Ivanhoe Cambridge), The Ottawa Catholic School Board, and Emily Wood and Lauren McCarter for helping to make this course an exceptional experience for our young moms.