Summer Success at Youville Centre

August 2nd, 2012

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “school’s out for summer”, but here at Youville Centre our young moms soldier on through the month of July to earn one more Ontario Secondary School credit and enjoy a few fun, memorable experiences.

Each July, our students have the opportunity to earn a credit in one of two courses, this year’s subjects being Visual Art or Phys. Ed. Summer school is a great opportunity for some of our students to catch up, and for others to get ahead moving into the new school year in September.

The artwork that our young moms created this year was visually stunning and emotionally powerful — especially the portraits of their children. In addition to Art History and studio work, our students were also fortunate enough to visit the National Gallery of Canada.

We’d like to thank our Art Teacher, Sarah, as well as everyone who contributed their time, supplies and services to help make our Art program a success:

Phys. Ed. was a very busy program, with our students participating in everything from aquafitness to zumba, yoga and health studies, dragonboating and swimming, and other fitness-related activities. One highlight of the Phys. Ed. program was a day trip to a local splash pad where our young moms enjoyed a swim with their little ones!

Many thanks to our Phys. Ed. Teacher, Laura, and to everyone who made this program possible:

If you’d like to donate to next year’s summer school program, please contact us at communications[at]youvillecentre[dot]org.