Support Youville Centre through Reading!

March 7th, 2012

Do you or a family member or friend own a Kobo E-Reader?

If so, you can support Youville Centre simply by reading your favourite books!


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Kobo is starting a reading revolution! Once you sign up to their “Read On” Program, every minute spent reading on your Kobo E-Reader will count toward their goal of 1 Trillion minutes. By typing “Youville Centre” in the field where it asks which school or community group you would like to support, you will increase our chances of receiving E-Readers and E-Books for our students!


Join The Challenge
We have started a $10 Million Dollar Fund to support and promote reading. For every 10 Million minutes read with Kobo up to 1 Trillion Minutes, we will support a school, group or organization that focuses on literacy and a passion for reading. Let us know who you think demonstrates a passion and commitment to reading in your community and they might just be the recipient of an eReading program from Kobo including eReaders and eBooks.
We challenge you, your friends, your family, your schools, your community to join our epic challenge — to read One Trillion Minutes Together!
How it works:
Sign up, and suggest the school or community organization you think could use our support.

For every 10 million-minutes read on Kobo, we will make a contribution of eReading to a school, group or organization.

All you have to do is join the challenge and start reading – every minute you read with Kobo counts.

Tell your friends on Facebook, through Twitter, on your blog – ask your friends, family, parents and teachers to Read On and join our epic challenge to read 1 Trillion Minutes.

If you have any questions, simply call us at (613) 231-5150 Ext. 128  and we’ll be happy to assist you!