You-Store Makes Christmas Brighter for Young Moms

December 21st, 2012

Thanks to the many generous corporate, individual and community donors who support Youville Centre, Christmas is much brighter each year for our young mothers and their children. At Youville, we do as much as we can to ensure that each young mom’s essential needs are met first, and second, that each of them and their children have some special gifts at this festive time of year.

For many of our students, this will be the first year that they experience a Christmas holiday with traditions, decorations and gifts for themselves and their children. In the weeks preparing for Christmas, we are busy elves, receiving gifts, food, diapers, gift cards, bus tickets and other essentials and treats for our young mothers, and we hide them away in Santa’s Workshop.

On two special days, we open the Christmas “You-Store”. For those of you who have toured our facility, you may be familiar with the You-Store — it is an incentive-based store stocked with brand new items and treats for mom and baby, all donated to us from generous community members and donors. “You-Bucks” are earned to spend in the You-Store when our students display good attendance, positive attitude, volunteer spirit and good effort in parenting.

The You-Store is open all year round, however, the Christmas You-Store is extra special with brand new toys donated from the community for the children of Youville Centre. Each young mother enjoys shopping through the store and selecting three special toys for their child.

When shopping is done, the students head to the wrapping stations and carefully wrap each package for their child. It is wonderful to overhear the excitement that occurs during these two special shopping days at Youville Centre.

On behalf of Youville Centre’s young mothers and their children, our sincere thanks goes out to everyone who donated to us this year leading up to Christmas. It is because of your generosity of spirit that Christmas will be brighter for our young moms and their children.

Merry Christmas!