Young Moms Enjoy a Day of Skiing

March 14th, 2012

A day at the slopes is fun for most students, but when a field trip to the local ski hill is not simply a day off, but also a chance for a young mom to be a teen again, it’s even more special.

Our students at Youville Centre took this chance to spend a day skiing, spending time together, challenging themselves and learning new skills on the hill. It was a day for connecting with each other, joking, laughing and enjoying some physical activity. It was a day for our young moms to feel happy, confident and alive!

If you would like to help make Ski Day possible next year, we are currently seeking snowpants, jackets, hats and mitts to support our next group of students. Contact Heather at (613) 231-5150 Ext. 128 if you can offer any assistance. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @YouvilleCentre ¬†for news of the minute and other needs we have to continue to support our young moms. Thank you!