Youville Moms Embrace Self-Care

April 18th, 2016

Young moms pose with guest presenters at the Youville Centre in Ottawa

Our young moms are so busy caring for their children and completing their education that sometimes it can be difficult for them to make time for taking care of themselves. This was the motivation behind our most recent Lunch and Learn on the topic of Self-Care, presented by Mary Gallagher and Michelle Torunski on April 11.

Youville students participated in a conversation about burn out, including the causes, how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and understanding that burn out may look differently for different people. The topic of self-care was discussed as a strategy for valuing yourself and maintaining positive mental health. The students also brainstormed ideas for self-care activities and what they felt they would need in a self-care tool-kit.

The students were invited to create self-care tool-kits for themselves, using toiletry bags and a wide variety of bath and body products. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Gavin (Author of blog Frugalitiness: The Art of Being Frugal) and the Purple Urchin, who provided these items as a treat for our students. Our moms thoroughly enjoyed this activity and will be able to use the kits for self-care at home! Thank you!