Youville’s Garden Grows

June 22nd, 2010


Thanks to the mighty watering skills of our wonderful Youville children, our organic vegetable gardens are growing nicely! The garden beds are the result of a program here at Youville Centre called Planet Youville, where our students and their children are participating in a recycling program and an organic garden project. Planet Youville is a result of the generosity of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization and the assistance of Sandy Hill community members and the Canadian Organic Growers‘ project, “Growing Up Organic“.

With their own two hands, the children and their mothers alike are learning how local, sustainable agriculture can have a positive impact on their health and their community. A strong sense of self-sufficiency and leadership comes from getting your hands dirty in a garden, as I’m sure anyone with a green thumb would agree. Our gardens even have a unique pattern, as the little ones themselves sowed the seeds! Everyone is looking forward to the bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs that these gardens will produce over the summer while our students achieve their Phys Ed. and Art credits.