an innoVative centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

helping families in ottawa, canada become self-sufficient contributing members of society

The Youville Centre has served the Ottawa Community for over twenty years. We're very proud of our name and our many accomplishments.

The Youville Centre is a charitable organization that receives wide-spread community support.

The Youville Centre is a charitable organization that receives wide-spread community support.

We are very grateful for the generous support and assistance of all our supporters.

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Please note that McHugh staff have developed a Senior Science credit (SNC3E) and senior level Communications Technology credit (TGJ3M/TGJ3E) specifically designed to meet the needs of Youville students. For more specific details please refer to the "Youville Course Guide". In this respect you will find graduation requirements, course descriptors and a recommended subject path for diploma completion.

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M.F. McHugh Education Centre

Jonathan Crosier, Principal

M.F. McHugh Education Centre provides English-language educational programming for students in the Ottawa-Carleton region who are in government-approved care and treatment programs.
At Youville Centre, clinical and educational staff continue the tradition of a strong and effective partnership. Working from a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach, a caring and supportive environment has been established for young mothers and their children.

Educationally, an Individual Education Plan is designed for each of our students. The goal is to encourage each student to reach her full educational potential and to instill a passion for life-long learning. This includes courses designed to ensure that students not working at grade level develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for personal success.

Throughout the year, teachers continued to implement Ontario Secondary School Curriculum (OSS). Students entering Youville may complete a PLAR package and Learning Strategies credit, materials designed to assess prior learning and to augment literacy, numeracy and social skills. They can earn up to 16 credits through this process. In addition, a selection of senior level courses is offered that allows students the options necessary to prepare for their next step: either post-secondary study or the world of work. Also, in partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, we continue to offer a physical education credit (PPL 30) and an art credit (AVI 30) during the month of July. Our staff is continually developing and differentiating curriculum material to meet the diverse needs of our students.

The teaching Staff is led by Program Supervisor Amanda, who teaches Science, Math and the Me, My Baby, Our World Program. Isabelle teaches Senior English and Physical Education. Barb teaches Junior English, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the EMBRACE Your Future Program. Deirdre teaches Physical Education and other elective courses. All four teachers team teach the Learning Strategies program for various levels.