Child Development Program

A baby smiles while sitting in the childcare at the Youville Centre in Ottawa Canada.

At Youville Centre, we are committed to making a difference with two generations.

While our young moms are learning in the classroom, our infants and toddlers experience their own learning in our Child Development Program. Our licensed program serves 40 infants (ages 2–18 months) and 15 toddlers (ages 18–30 months) and provides the best possible start in the lives of our infants and toddlers.

Early identification and intervention are program goals that guide our practice and enable us to provide a rich program aimed at assisting our children to meet their developmental milestones and “be ready” to start school with their age-mates. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment that addresses the psychological, social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical needs of each child.

During the programming day, children have the opportunity to experience and explore various play activities such as art using many types of media and tools, sensory activities using sight, sound touch, and sometimes even taste. There are also opportunities for infants and toddlers to build physical skills through gross motor activities such as crawling, walking, climbing, gym activities, and outdoor walks.

Each child development room follows a similar schedule in which routines and transitions are followed daily. Daily programming includes: morning snack, free play, regular diaper changes, lunch, sleep time and afternoon snack. Infants are fed as needed, and breastfeeding is encouraged.

Methods, screening tools and frameworks we employ in our child development program include:

Partners we work with in the child development program include:

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