Credit-Worthy Lifestyle Programs

A young teen parent doing yoga class at the Youville Centre in Ottawa.

Are you a teenager expecting a baby and looking for help?  In addition to the Ontario secondary school curriculum offered at Youville Centre, we also offer credit-worthy lifestyle programs to our parenting teens.

Linked to Ontario secondary school credits, Youville Centre lifestyle programs address the important life skills and parenting skills our young teenage mothers need in order to build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Credit-worthy lifestyle programs offered include:

Make the Connection (MTC 0-1 & 1-2): The MTC 0-1 program is an evidenced-informed parenting program focusing on mother and child attachment and bonding with a focus on child development; linked to HPC 3O. The MTC 1-2 specifically focuses on attachment, growth and development, behavioural guidance, setting boundaries and routines, and exploring early literacy and community resources; linked to HPW 3C

A Leader in Your Own Life: a leadership program combining skill development in leadership, communication, self advocacy, financial literacy, cooking, sewing and home organization; linked to HIP 40.

EMBRACE Your Future: a resiliency program focusing on healthy approaches to self esteem, body image, relationships, positive self-talk and role modeling for children; linked to HHD 30. EMBRACE stands for: empower, motivate, build resiliency, role model, advocate, communicate, educate.

Healthy Living: a program that allows students to improve their fitness levels through yoga, strength training, and cardiovascular activities as well as some field trips such as hiking, skating and indoor rock climbing. There is an additional focus on the fundamental principles of overall health and wellbeing including topics on income, education and literacy, gender and culture, physical and social environment, personal health practices and coping skills, and availability of health services; linked to PPL, PAI and PAF courses.

Pregnancy Circle: In partnership with Ottawa Public Health and Mothercraft Ottawa, Pregnancy Circle is an opportunity for expectant mothers to meet with Youville staff and community partners who will offer information about understanding labour and delivery, as well as the numerous hormonal and physical changes our young mothers may be experiencing while they are expecting. Additionally, Pregnancy Circle offers expectant moms a chance to explore the anxiety and fears that may come along with welcoming a newborn, and learn strategies to manage those feelings.