Fundraise for Youville Centre

Over the years, some of the best ideas of how to fundraise for the centre have come from our donors! As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for the support we receive from our generous donor community, and we are happy to assist with third-party fundraising events and initiatives.

If you have specific questions as to whether or not your efforts meet our fundraising policies, please contact our Communications and Fundraising Manager. In addition, we ask that all media requests be filtered through our Communications and Fundraising Manager.

Contact: or (613) 231-5150 x 128

Here are some examples of the types of events and initiatives you can plan and execute to help Youville Centre’s moms and babies:

Babyless Baby Shower

Gather your friends and have a baby-less baby shower! Decorate and serve refreshments, and ask your friends to bring a gift for a baby or a financial donation for the centre! Our babies range in age from 2 months to 3 years.

Shoppers Drugmart Points

Use your Shoppers Drugmart Points for young moms and babies in need! Purchase much-needed items such as ear thermometers, Penaten cream, baby wipes, and more! Our young moms also love it when they receive brand new cosmetics or other hygiene products.

Third Party Event

Golf tournaments, fashion shows, family gatherings and holiday parties are just some of the third party fundraisers our donors have hosted on Youville Centre’s behalf. Please contact us if you would like brochures or if you would like a Youville representative to speak at your event.

Child’s Birthday Party

We have charitable children in our city! We have received donations of toys in lieu of gifts from birthday parties for children as young as 6 years old! Toys we accept are suitable for children ages 2 months to 3 years, with the exception of very small toys (choking hazard) and plush toys (allergies).