Principal’s Message

St. Nicholas Adult High School is pleased to continue to build an active and strong partnership with Youville Centre. Our teacher leaders provide instruction and support in a wide range of high school courses while assisting students to earn their diploma. Following graduation from high school, Youville graduates will be able to access a wide range of opportunities in College, University, and the world of work.

Our partnership with Youville Centre allows us to fulfill our vocation while increasing the level of education for all learners. On behalf of the students, faculty, staff, and administration at St. Nicholas Adult High School, thank you for your continued collaboration and commitment.

Making a positive impact in the lives of our students and their families is a great priority. Thank you again for your commitment and dedication to the community.

Philip Capobianco, Principal
St. Nicholas Adult High School

St. Nicholas Adult High School Program

In September 2016, St. Nicholas Adult High School established a partnership with the Youville Centre to offer a secondary school education for the clients who age out of the M.F. McHugh program by their 21st birthday.  Students in the St. Nicholas program are between the ages of 21 and 25.

St. Nicholas Adult High School provides flexible e-learning high school credit courses for adults (18+) living in Ontario. The learning model at St. Nicholas is student-directed and teacher-supported. All courses are online and students access course content and assignments through a Learning Management System called Brightspace (by Desire to Learn). In addition to e-learning technology, St. Nicholas students are also encouraged to learn and master Google Apps for Education.

St. Nicholas students entering Youville Centre meet with their teacher and, in consultation with an Intake and Assessment Officer, they select their first course; this selection process repeats as the student begins each subsequent course. Students confer with an Intake and Assessment Officer to plan their specific pathway to obtain their high school diploma. Students who are eligible to complete Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) or Mature Student Evaluations are referred to the PLAR Assessor. Where applicable, the St. Nicholas teacher refers to the student’s IEP to identify any accommodations, program modifications, and/or alternative programs as well as specific instructional and assessment strategies that have been recommended in the past. St. Nicholas students have the option to participate in the Lifestyle Courses offered by Youville Centre and M.F. McHugh in addition to their e-Learning course.

With the support of the St. Nicholas Student Services Department and the teacher, the Youville Centre moms aged 21 to 25 are supported in working toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and in their transition to post-secondary studies or future employment opportunities.