Youville Centre graphic with dates for Summer School 2024

Summer 2024

Summer school is a mandatory requirement for all Youville Centre clients who wish to continue into the fall semester.

Clients can continue to access the Child Development Program for their child’s early learning, and to access their Case Coordinators and Counsellors for support over the summer.

We are also accepting new clients for school!

Summer School Youville Centre will run in July; from July 2-26, 2024

M.F. McHugh Education Centre is offering in person education this summer. 

Email, if you are a young pregnant or parenting woman, between the age of 14-25, we have school spaces remaining! If child care is required, options can be reviewed at intake.

Or click HERE to sign up:  and a member of our Intake team will follow up with you!

Everyone is welcome at Youville Centre!

If you have any questions, please email