4 children in rainsuits playing in outdoor yard

Youville has reopened and is ready to go but with Fall upon us the weather has begun to shift! Cooler days and rainy mornings are becoming more common. Sometimes it can feel as though the rain is dampening the day but not at Youville Centre.  Thanks to a generous donation inspired by an educator’s response to “what would change your life at childcare?”  Rain is now exciting for our Child Development Program! Rain exciting? How could that be? Rainsuits that’s how!

2 pictures of children wearing rainsuits playing outside in sand and grass












A rainsuit is a special one piece outfit made just for the rain and play! Constructed  of  tough waterproof fabric, a hood made to shed water, and elastic wrists and ankles keep water out! These waterproof suits help keep the children dry, clean,  and playing! Children have always instinctively known; playing in mud and rain is a joyful experience.  Mixing soil, water, and other natural materials like pebbles, leaves, or grass provides children endless possibilities for outdoor learning and fun! For many adults we have happy memories of creating mud pies, digging for worms, or making streams and valleys in the mud. But it’s not just about fun! Children learn from messy messy messy mud!

2 pictures of child wearing rainsuit with muddy hands and touching puddle








If mud and messy play benefits children then how do rainsuits benefit Youville Centre? Being able to play out in the rain and mud requires a lot of specific clothing to stay dry which can be expensive especially considering how fast infants and toddlers grow. Educators and parents both know that outdoor play is an important part of a child’s day but often putting on gear can be difficult. Now a parent or educator can dress a child for rainy play with just a zip of the zippers!  By providing rain gear for our famalies at the Centre we are able to make this type of play accessible and easy. Preparing children to enjoy a variety of weather at an early age can help them develop a life long love for outdoor play!

2 pictures of a child going down a slide and a child with shovel in a puddle












What makes our rainsuits extra special though is that they are the classic Youville blue but they’ve been customized with our beautiful Youville Centre symbol! Our symbol is a representation of parenthood but also education and love. Being able to show off our Youville Centre pride even on our littlest learners is so special! We can’t wait for it to rain again!

2 pictures of a child in a rainsuit holding binoculars and a child with a pail










This donation was made possible by Laura Rayner and Glenn Grignon. After asking  one of our Early Childhood Educators, Sophie,  “What would change your life at childcare?” They were inspired to make this possible at Youville Centre. Thank you Glenn and Laura for being a part of our Youville Family and Community!


2 toddlers in rainsuits in a puddle