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Thank you to each and every person, business, and organization who supported our 2015 Mother’s Day Fundraising Campaign in support of Youville Centre’s young mothers and their children.

We are excited to announce that with your help, we raised $7,209 which will go directly to programs and services at Youville Centre that serve 48 young mothers age 14-21 and 55 infants and toddlers daily.

We called the campaign “Help us Grow” this year because when you give to Youville Centre, you are truly helping two generations to grow and thrive, and not just in the literal sense. Your support allows us to continue to provide innovative, evidence-based programming for our clients, allowing our students to grow into healthy, resilient, empowered young mothers and role models for their children, who are achieving milestones daily in their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language-related developmental domains.

By giving to Youville Centre, you truly are making a difference in your community.

We would also like to thank you for following along with our weekly blog posts throughout the campaign, where you were able to meet some of our infants and toddlers and learn about the dynamic programming they enjoy each day.

A big thank you goes out to our amazing sponsors in this campaign, who worked collaboratively with us to provide generous contributions to this wonderful fundraising total! It was a pleasure to work with each of you. It encourages us that we live in a city where businesses, organizations, and individuals in our community are willing to donate time, funds, and energy to help us to better serve the young mothers and children at Youville Centre.

*Please stay tuned to our website, blog, and Facebook page, as we will be posting some photos from events and promotions held at Whole Foods Market Lansdowne, The Urban Element, and Ottawa Fit!

Thank you!

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