Each week in May, as part of our Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign, we will be featuring all five of our rooms in the Child Development Program.

In these blog posts you will meet the “Room Ambassadors”, learn what the infants or toddlers in that room do each day, and learn about some of the developmental skills they are working on.

At the bottom of each post we will be reminding you about the featured ways to give that are coming up in the Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaigntake a look and see which events and in-store initiatives you can attend!

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Watch our Daisies Bloom!

Our Daisies range in age from 18 months to 23 months. When they enter the Daisy room, their day starts to look more structured. All of the Daisies eat and sleep at the same time, and they enjoy outdoor play with their older friends the Snapdragons. Outside they love to run around, push their “babies” in strollers, and play in the sand. When the weather is warm and sunny our Early Childhood Educators bring out the sprinkler and the water tables and the children love to splash around.

The Daisy program offers a wide variety of art and sensory activities to stimulate development across all domains. Currently they have rice that has been dyed with Kool-Aid, and the children love to fill buckets with the coloured rice and watch it go through the mill! As an added bonus it also smells fruity!. In the classroom we have a Daisy art gallery where we highlight the wonderful masterpieces our children have created. There is also a strong focus on language development, and the children love circle time and reading books. During circle time, which happens daily, the children enjoy a variety of songs and felt board stories. Each day we read a different book. Some group favourites include: Pete the Cat, The Very Cranky Bear, and Dinosaurumpus! After circle time the Daisies transition up to the dining room to have a nutritious lunch, where they are working on their self help skills. Our teachers give the children a spoon and help them to use it to eat their food, and when they want more, they are encouraged to ask for more or use the sign.

After lunch the children transition into the sleep room, where some of them sleep in cribs, and some sleep on cots to prepare them to move up to the Snapdragon room. After a very restful nap they wake up to enjoy some free play and then head back to the dining room for a snack and to wait for their mommies to pick them up. Every day in the Daisy room is an adventure; our children are growing, learning and exploring their way into toddlerhood.

Meet the “Room Ambassadors”!



Emerance is one our oldest Daisies and will be making the transition to Snapdragons in the next few months. As you can see she has one of the most infectious smiles around! She has become our room ambassador for some time now welcoming anyone that comes into the room. Emerance LOVES to play outside and can almost always be found in the sand box.



Sabrina is one of our tiniest Daisies, but don’t let that fool you! She is so full of personality. Sabrina has been at Youville Centre since she was a Daffodil and it has been so amazing watching her grow into the spunky toddler that she is! Sabrina loves to play with dolls in the classroom and can often be seen patting the “babies” to bed while singing the “night night” song. She’ll also put the “babies” in the shopping cart and walk around the classroom collecting things to put in her basket.

Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign:


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This week we are featuring an upcoming floral arranging workshop that you can attend as another way to give in the Help us Grow Mother’s Day Campaign:

Tuesday, June 2nd, 6:30 pm ~  The Art of Floral Arranging at Flowers Talk Tivoli

floral arranging

Join us on Tuesday, June 2nd at 6:30 pm.

Each $25 registration fee is being generously donated directly to Youville Centre.

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And…we still have to introduce you to our Snapdragons (our toddlers)!

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